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GL1800 Audio Crackle and Hiss

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Hi all,

Just put my 2010 GL1800 back together (body/shell) after adding some additional lighting.

When I initially replaced the center cowling/radio housing, the radio did not work. only to find I didn't get a plug completely inserted. Now with the bike complete, the external speakers (radio on or off) crackle and hiss like a bad antenna connection. This is amplified when the stereo is powered on.

I have never encountered this and hoping someone could assist.

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Ok, so I determined it is somewhere in the CB circuit. Now I am getting an error message "CB error"

The crackling and hiss are like a michrophone half keyed.

I can push the CB button (CB off beep is heard) and the noise goes away. If I wait a few minutes (with the CB off) the error message will pop back up.

Checked the connectors under the seat...good! I do not however see a ground strap coming off the CB antenna in the trunk.

I did remove the housing under the trunk for wire routing, but did not disconnect anything in the area.
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