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Gl1800 reverse question

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After a lousy weekend all rain, I took the time to clean up our 03 Wing. Changed oil, plugs and really gave ti a cleaning.
Went to back it out of the barn/shop using reverse everything was fine backed about 10 feet and it stopped?
Light was on and could hear motor turning.
Pushed in the R switch, hit the start button again about 10 feet and it stopped again? Could hear electric motor running while the button was in.
Shut everything off and tried a 3rd time and it backed out fine which was about a total of 60 feet. Pulled it around where I park it and it was fine there.
Don't use it hardly at all, I can generally push it backwards to park so that is what I do. Looked in the service manual and there is a lot to get it to work.
Is this normal if its not used very often or is it out of adjustment?

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Probably the cables are out of adjustment.
After looking in the manual is this a simple fix, or is more needed then just removal of the covers say right side and center lower.
Just pull the right engine cover and operate reverse looking to see if it rotates to where there is clearance between the reverse shift arm and the lost motion plate.
Thanks Dave that was it. Easy adjustment sure glad you stayed
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