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GL1800, setting cruise control

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My 06 1800 drops 4 mph before it catches up to the set speed when I set the cruise..
Does anyone know how to adjust that out..
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My 06 1800 drops 4 mph before it catches up to the set speed when I set the cruise..
Does anyone know how to adjust that out..
Since it does come back to initial setting, probably not.
Most cruise controls are set with a tolerance range, so it doesn't constantly hunt back and forth trying to maintain set speed.
When the control unit see's the speed out of tolerance, it adjusts accordingly. You can adjust the cable until you're blue in the face, but the control unit will dictate set point.
Has it always done this ?
Somethimes it takes some seconds to "catch".
My experience is , - first push "set" and then push "acc" two or tree times quickly and the cruise control takes over wery smooth .
PS: My bike is also an 2006.
It is a common problem that the cruise control on an 1800 is not factory set correctly, here is a video on how to adjust them.....

Thanks for the video.. The problem is that bike is an 05 or older.. 06 and newer don't have that inspection port.. I've seen both controllers and they made a change in their 06 model.. At least I could not find it and I have had the 06 cruise controller in my hand..
I may just try his advise and take the 4 turns he mentioned and see what happens.. Can't be any worse..........
my '03 lagged and my '12 accelerated....just turn the nut a couple turns...and its not necessary to remove the whole shelter just the center console and the right tunnel cover
I corrected mine the first time I replaced the air filter. I already had all the tupperware off so that made it pretty easy. Now as soon as I hit the button it locks onto exactly that speed.

I did not use the "4 turns" method. After the engine had warmed up and was idling properly I turned the nut till the idle started to increase, then backed it off till it went back to normal. Locked it down at that point and all has been good ever since. With the engine running turn the handlebars from lock to lock to make sure there is nothing pulling on the cables and increasing your idle while you are at it.

Thanks for the replies..
My 1500 was spot on, but not the 1800..
Someone else said to try your method.. Start the engine and turn the adjustment until it speeds up and then back it off a 1/4 turn..
I have to change the air filter and I'll get it then............
On my 01 it was only about 2 turns. I like the idle method.
It can be adjusted, tho I caution against doing it by adjusting till idle picks up. On mine , that was nearly 15 turns. I then fired it up, got to a speed that would allow cruise actuation, and set it. IT NEARLY RIPPED THE BARS FROM MY HANDS, the acceleration was so sudden and violent. I backed it WAY down and now it works perfectly.
I can imagine, 12 turns.. I think the key is to be sure the engine is warmed up before adjusting.
cruise control

Nice video
Tank you :claps:


It is a common problem that the cruise control on an 1800 is not factory set correctly, here is a video on how to adjust them.....
I can imagine, 12 turns.. I think the key is to be sure the engine is warmed up before adjusting.
You're right, I was warned about that on the GL1800 forums before I began my adjustment. I edited my post and made that part bold!!
Well I'm going to change air filter Monday and try to adjust the cc.. I'll you know how it went..........
I tore in to it today, Saturday..
I had 40k on the air filter and wanted to change it also..
Well what Steve did in his 13 minute video, took me 5 hours.. So I'm slow and stuff does come apart as easy as his..
Took all the stuff off to get to the CC.. I brought the engine up to temperature.. When I turn the adjustment nut to increase the speed, nothing happened.. [Clock Wise] 10/12 turns I lost count.. so I went back to where I thought I was, and then taking 4 turns.. I finished with the air cleaner and put everything back but the 2 shelves.. I put 3 big towels on the gas tank and took it out to try the CC.. I hit it spot on.. It set just like it should..
Just for the heck of it I turned it up a couple turns and it'd jump, turned it back and it engaged slowly..
Not going to be much help, I lost count at the start.. My guess is if you're 4 miles slow about 4 turns will bring it in very close if not on the money.. My advise is before you put back together, take it out for a spin and check it out.. It looks weird but you can ride it..
Air cleaner was pretty bad and the new one has me idling just a hair faster.. Now I'll have to find out how the readjust the computer to slow it down..
Hope this helps someone..
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IMO the idle method is the only way to go. On both my '08 and '10 4 turns would have been too much causing the idle to be too high. You need to back the adjustment off about 3/4 turn after the idle starts to increase or it will jump a bit when you set it.
On my 06 I couldn't change the idle by moving the adjustment.. I tested it before I put it back together and it's engaging fine now.. No lag or speed up.. The hair faster idle was before I changed any setting and after I changed the air filter..
I realize this is an old thread, but many new members have come onboard. I have been searching for why my CC lags when engaged. Almost 10 mph before she jerks forward!

Also, the video in this tutorial is no longer available. So I wanted to search further, and have pics!

Here's an excellent writeup! Kudo's to Aumi's and Rosie's GoldWing page LINK for this very descriptive writeup. And, did I mention, pictures?:raspberry:

I did it exactly as described. Mind you, this is the first time I've ripped into the upper works of my wing. I'm mechanically inclined, but still, it was nice to have pics!

My adjustment was almost 11 full turns. I tried doing it by the sound of the idle, but as I kept backing it out more and more I was getting scared! So, I left everything off, took my 8mm and 10mm with me on the test ride and gave it a shot.

First time @ 11 full turns, brought it up from a 10mph lag to about 2mph. So, side of the road, 1 full turn, repeat. I now have it set so it lags about 1/2mph. I like this so I know it's engaged. It's really almost spot on, but I can tell she drops about 1/2 mph.

Hope this update, along with the link and proper credits helps new GL1800 owners to fix this issue.

Oh, took me 10min to take off all the parts, and about another 15 min to set it properly. 5 min to button it up and a lifetime of self achievement. Plus the money I saved doing it myself.

Thank you my fellow Wing riders!
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Don't mean to hijack this thread, but it reminded me of something similar I experienced. On a recent trip (first long trip on my '13 1800), I had several occasions where the cruise would not 'set'. I could always turn it off and back on and it would start behaving correctly. Wondering if it sometimes gets 'confused' about whether I am setting it or trying to decelerate, since the same button does both. Tried hitting brakes and hitting button multiple times, but couldn't get it to come around without switching it 'off' and back on. Anybody else see this?
Cruise will not actuate below I believe....35 mph or so
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