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today being another sunny day i decided it was time to take goldielocks out for some fresh air. She has been sat on a wooden ramp about 12" in the air, i built this for the lighter bikes in the fleet to save my dodgy knees, inflamation with little warning! Although it was only supposed to be for a max of 250kg, when i put her on with all the gear off she settled for a snooze with no creaks or groans.

So, i rolled her off the stand and stood there trying to get my balance on a narrow ledge at the edge of the ramp, then my worst nightmare she started to sway, i had to decide try and recover and have it come down top of me or let it go away from, discretion at the thought of 450kg on top of me and i let her go.

At this in the rebuild she had all the freshly powder coated bars and rack, her fairing - freshly painted - was on as was the new front and rear mudguards - also newly painted.

As she went down I was mentally counting the damage, fairing a write off, crash bars front and rear needing re coating. Straight away I tried to pull it up whilst still stood on the ramp, got it about 6 inches so then I got a ratchet strap and tried to winch it up, about 3 more inches !

I then went to the other side of the bike and had a look at the damage. Surprisingly none, fairing intact slight mark on the powder coating, nothing major, in view of the lack of damage and as a measure to lower the weight I decided to crawl under and take off the fairing bolts, I then took the fairing out of the way and removed the push bike that was partly holding it from going completely **** up and then I managed to support it on the tool cabinet. at this point I noticed that my shorts were caught on the front brake lever. If it can go wrong, it will......

Rectified my short trouser malfunction and had a few goes at lifting, no real luck, then I decided to try and set up a pendulum, lift - release, lift - release and eventually I got her up on her wheels and as I'd already been clever enough to put the side stand down, laid her gently on the stand and took a breather.The down ramp looked slightly out of line but I took a chance and rolled her out, switched her on and manouvered her to a space by the garden furniture. 10 minutes later and out came the wife who promptly started to complain that all the shed contents were in the garden. I then pointed out what had happened 30 mins before. Guess what the comments were ' I told you to be careful' and when I mentioned 'I wish it was a 1500 and then it would have reverse gear so easier to park in the shed' the reply of course was 'time to get rid if it's too big to handle'

love of a quit life and a dislike of hospital food meant i kept my mouth shut.....
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