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Goldwing Luggage

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We have been tooling around the country on our 2006 Goldwing since 2008 so I'm not new to the game but I need some input. I'd like a little extra luggage space but I DO NOT want to put a luggage rack on the trunk so my question is this. Is there a piece of soft luggage that can be bungeed or strapped to the trunk WITHOUT a rack? I'm thinking of a bag or piece of luggage with a soft foam base that would not mar or scratch the trunk but have been not been able to find such. I am NOT talking about luggage liners, I have them.

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if you have a verticle hitch you can carry luggage on a hitch rack. you dont want to much weight on the trunk and strapping a bag there will damage the finish.
I agree, either a trailer, or a cooler rack attached to the tow hitch. Otherwise a back in the back seat. The top box can hold only 20# and that would include what is in the box or on top of it upon a rack/bag.
Get a Pakit-Rak to mount on your trailer hitch, or do what I did and mount a hard case travel trunk on your hitch, like this:

I did this because I didn't want to tow a trailer and I didn't want a soft bag like the Pakit-Rak that requires a rain cover. I'd rather have a hard case, so I rigged this up myself.

For complete instructions on how I did it, go to this link:

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That looks very nice. I have the same box on the back of my CB900 Custom, and reading your link has me wanting to paint it to match the bike, thanks.
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