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Had a wreck

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Yesterday, 7/8/13, I was riding my 1100 and I was on my way home from work and was rear ended by a worthless piece of dog excrement.

I was travelling southbound on state highway 121 and merging with state highway 183 going west bound. I was in the far right hand lane riding in the right track. 121 speeds were about 40-50 mph and 183 speeds were at a crawl. This piece of excrement, shoots across two lanes of traffic into my lane and about hits me. I was travelling a good 20-30 mph faster than he was going. I was able to swerve and avoid this collision because if I hadn't I would have been impaled into side of his car. After I passed him on the shoulder of the road, I was able to get back into the right lane. I started slowing down as the freeways merged together. This piece of excrement decided he didn't want to slow down and hit me at about 20 mph faster than I was going. The bike lurched forwarded and started to go down, I bailed off the bike and landed on my feet. I started running to catch myself and then I turned around and started running towards this sub-human. He threw it in reverse and backed up enough to clear my bike and went around and fled the scene of the accident. Has he passed me I was able to break off the driver side mirror for a souvenir. As I was chasing this excrement trying to get his plate number, a blue Chevy pick-up about ran me over and red Dodge pickup took off very quick. Several other people had stopped to see if I was ok but none was able to get excrements plate number. I thought he was going to get away with hit and run. One of the people who had stopped where I was at was on the phone with 911 emergency. As she was talking to them, they asked which wreck was she at. There seemed to be two wrecks about 1/4 mile apart. The second wreck was the blue Chevy pickup and the piece of excrement. The driver of the pickup chased him down wrecked him out. After he wrecked him out, he ran over to his car and punched out the drivers window and started pummeling the piece of excrement. The driver of the Dodge was a federal marshal and witnessed the whole accident. He let the driver of the Chevy get in a few good licks before he stopped him. The 911 emergency wanted to know if I could identify the car that hit me. Though relay of each person at each scene of the accidents I said that the car had a missing drivers mirror. The other person at the other scene confirmed it. We had him. The City of Bedford police showed up and asked me to reconvene at the other wreck location. My bike is still rideble so I went down there. As I got there it took every ounce of restraint and about 6-8 cops that wouldn't let me go over there and go beat this punk's face into the pavement. In the State of Texas, it is a Class B Felony to hit and run a motorcycle. But that's not this excrements only problem, as the police was searching him getting ready to take him to jail, they found a 1/4 bag of marijuana on him. I am going to make sure this excrement doesn't get to see the outside of a prison for a few years. It such a waste too, he is only 17 and in the State of Texas, he will be tried as an adult. Everytime the excrement would look at me, I'd take off my sunglass so he could look into my eyes as a I mouthed some very bad words to him.

As far as I am, I went to hospital and had some xrays, spine seems to still be inline but as of today, my back is very tensed and hurts.

As far as the driver of the Chevy, no charges are going to brought against him because he was being a responsible citizen making a citizens arrest on a felon. The Bedford Police cited the excrement for both wrecks.

I could not thank all those who helped me enough. When I am able to go get my bike from impound and bring it home, I'll post some pic's.
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Warms my heart when excriment get what they deserve... glad you're "ok". Throw some ice on that back and look up a good chiropractor. I hope the bike faired as good as you did...
Quite the story! A real good read and I am happy that you appear to be OK and I am aslo happy that they got the dunce! Got to love Texas citizen based justice!
Glad to hear that your ok and the bike not to bad of shape. Its great to hear about good people out there doing great things. Heal well and fast.
Glad you're OK and the bike is not too bad.
It would be great if there were good witnesses - like a Federal Marshall - every time someone did something stupid like this. It is encouraging to hear that Texas laws and the system will deal out the justice deserved for this perp. :claps:
Sorry to hear the news but glad to hear he is getting what's coming to him. Take it easy on that sore back.
glad your okay hope the bike isn't too bad
Oh man, sux that you got hit....but really made my day reading the rest of it. It's sad to see a 17 year old pretty much **** himself for the rest of his life. But I feel that 17 is definitely old enough to know better and to answer for it.

Once you find out the damage to the Wing let us know. I have quite a few parts and would be happy to help get you sorted at minimal prices.
By the way, is it ok if I cut and paste this to facebook????
Really glad your OK. I hope the stupid idiot suffers a little "pain in the butt" over the pain and trouble he caused you. Hopefully while he is in lockup, some biker who is in there finds this little punk and makes him beg for forgiveness. :lash::lash::lash:
Glad you are OK, anything we can do to help just ask.
I like Texas more every day. :claps: Anywhere else everyone but the POS that caused it would have been arrested.
Glad you are fine (priority one)
Glad the bonehead was able to be caught (priority two)
Glad the bike is ok (to this point, and priority three)
All in all, a sucky day that turned out ok.
As many have said already, I'm glad to hear that you're ok. We've had a few close ones here and the thought of impacting with some moron is not a pleasant one. It's also refreshing to hear that the "excrement" was quickly caught and allowed to experience the "repercussions" of his actions.

Take care of yourself and let the insurance take care of the wing.
Glad to hear that your ok and the bike not to bad of shape. Its great to hear about good people out there doing great things. Heal well and fast.

Gives ya faith in the public citizens all over again, glad you are ok. :claps::claps:
I am glad you are ok.
I hope the guy gets what he deserves. It is just a wonder he didn't kill you or someone else.

Glad you are still upright and that others were there to help take out the trash.
while I can understand your emotions in this situation, I will let you know that there was an incident here last fall where a harley rider has a road rage incident with a cage driver. the harley owner gets off his bike and punches the car driver in the face a few times. the car driver pulls out a gun and shoots the harley rider in the chest. The rider did not get killed and the car driver did not get charged (he was defending himself according to the law). The point is that sometimes you have to think before you act or it could end up being very bad.
You're a very blessed man. Rest and heal, find your peace. Trippy story.
Wonder if the driver knows the prison adage:

Sleep on your back or someone else will ?
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