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Thanks for the update.
Please keep posting with your install.
I have the exact same radio and will get to hooking up to my 82 Aspy' real soon.
I want to double its use with ARPS so family can see where I am on a map. (any idea how to do thus?)
I look forward to seeing how you go with the headset and mike.
I had my old FT-470 on my old bike. Just used a standard speaker and electret mike, put the PTT on the left hand bar where it was easy to hit with my thumb. Just made up the cables to make it all fit. Details are on the web. The tricky bit is getting the 4 way plug, but they are more readily available now than back then. Audio reports were Ok, most said it sounded like I was in a noisy car. Readability was always a solid 5x5.

Good luck with your current install!


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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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