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I retired from being a Honda Tech in 2007 and up to now I've worked in my garage on a limited scale. Now I'm retiring from that.....
so I don't have any use for my tools anymore and figured I'd give the first shot to the people that appreciate Goldwings the most......
Goldwing Facts people.

So..... I've got 4 large toolboxes full of tools.... One large roll away box with just Honda special tools. Some tools are so special they aren't available any more.
Also.... the Honda GL1500 manuals I have I will discount to $30 each. email me at. [email protected] for pictures (I will probably have to find the tool and take the
picture for you). Just to bring things into scope..... the last SnapOn dealer that estimated my tools figured there is about $125,000 in SnapOn tools. He couldn't estimate
the Honda special tools but there's a LOT!
And I have service manuals from All Honda models back to the early 70's up to the mid 90's so if you're interested.... they are also for sale.

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