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Be really careful sanding on a head. There is not a lot of clearance (valves, and the impact to the timing belt. (valve timing gets later, can run out of tensioner)

Can you find a cutout from a stone counter top?
Spray adhesive 400 to 800 Wet/Dry to the stone.
Spray the sandpaper with WD40 to clear out the metal. (Apply frequently)
Let the weight of the head do the cutting.
Rotate the head, 1/8 to 1/4 turn every movement across the sandpaper.
Make full rotations. (this helps it even when trying to surface by hand)

I have used a 6x6x1/4 piece of cold rolled steel to clean up the deck of a cast iron block. Slow and rotate the sanding action.

Alternative, look on ebay for a yard head.

Good luck
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