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Hello everyone!

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:waving:I've just joined your site, I'm a newbie to the Goldwing Mechanic's; although I've had a triked GL1000 for the last three years.

Been ridding bikes for nearly 34 years, but never had much to do with fixing them:?

Got tail ended about thirty three years ago. This left me with some limited mobility and strength in the legs thats why I ride a trike!

I always wanted a Gl when they first came out but due to the smash I couldn't hold the weight! Or afford one for that matter.

A few of you guys may have seen me on a couple of other sites moaning about my GL's engine leaking oil, not pulling as she should, etc.

my trike is actually a 1000cc K2 type 76 to 77 on a S plate.
I bought her off a trader on eBay to be honest I was conned a bit!
She's never been well, I've even had her on the Dr Rods Surgery on Men & Motors TV. He couldn't fix her really either, they said it was down to lack of time allowed on each bike/trike.

So I've been learning how to fix her myself, not doing to bad, I've learnt a bit (with help of friends) about lecky and the carbs, balancing them, etc. She was starting to loose her pull at the top end, found it hard to touch 80 mph (only for over taking)! She used to be able to touch a lot, lot higher number if need be! I never pushed her, because I'm past the fast and blast stage; I like to see where I'm going and where 'ave bin (if you know what I mean)? Anyway I put the lose of power down to the piston rings, also she was showing oil in the water and in the number one pot (spark plug hole).

A week last Sunday she went bang! Twice! First on the left and very shortly after did the same on the right! Leaving Blue/black smoke coming out of both tail pipes and oil all over the floor! The funny thing was, she didn't stall and I was able to ride her home (just under 2 miles) She left an oil and water trail all the way back, she'll even start now if I turn the key? (but I won't).

So I thought as the bolt holes on the frame are the same on both the 1000 & 1100, I'd try and get an 1100 engine and fit it! I decided to do this, not just for more power but the 1100's seem to be more easily to obtain than the 1000's?

If anyone knows of either a GL1000, or GL1100 engine (in working order) please let me know.

All the best to all, Ride safe


I've just moved up to Cumbria, from Brum area (I'm a Yorkie, tis mi missis thats the Brummy) so I don't know many bikers or where to get bits and bobs from, to fix her (but I'm leaning Lol) So I thought that I'd try eBay again!
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Howdy RebuiltYorkieand welcome to the last Goldwing forum you will ever probably need :waving:. Many of the wiser heads have made this their new home because of the welcoming nature of the members, the great user interface and facilities, the focussed tech forum that actually keeps all the pages and posts, the lack of adverts and spam and the lack of argumentative posts (abusive posts get closed or deleted real fast, which is good news even though we rarely get abusive posts anyway). The moderators pay for this forum out of their own pockets so they are in a good position to be able to keep any crap out.
Old Redwing will outpost anyone here, it's hard to win one over on him. All you end up accomplishing is upping his post total so he can retain his "Top Poster" title! And besides, I have it on good faith from someone in the Goldwing plant that in fact BLUE [blur]is the fastest colour[/blur]. :p
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