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Hello fellow Goldwing lovers,

I am EZ, and I am located in Kansas. I have owned my 1983 GW Interstate for several years now. Currently the bike is somewhat taken apart, as I have to replace the head gaskets. I've never done the job before, but what does that matter?!?!

Nothing to it but to do it, I say!!

I am a new member here on this forum, and I'm here to learn from everyone.

My Wing needs a lot of love, and I figure that I will do all the upgrades and refresh work while I have the bike torn apart.

A short list of what I'm looking to tackle....

Head gaskets (with all that entails)
Carb cleaning & refresh
Engine case cleaning / repainting (coating is flaking off)
Fork rebuild
Coil upgrade (Dodge Neon coil pack)
Wiring harness check / rebuild (as necessary)
Brake check / rebuild (as necessary)
Rear air ride check / rebuild (as necessary)
Surface rust clean-up

So basically, it's a really LONG short list!!! Ya know, like re-do the whole damn bike, basically!!

One thing I'm curious about, since I have the heads off... Why would one piston crown NOT be showing much carbon build-up, while the other three show excessive build-up? Does that mean anything to anyone here? Anyone experienced that?

If anyone has any tips or tricks for any of the aforementioned short list stuff :grin3::grin3: definitely feel free to shoot me a message or attach it to this Intro thread. Either way, I will read it.

Thanks in advance everyone.



P.S. -- I have attached a picture of each side of the engine (as it sits right now) to show the carbon build-up issue I mentioned above.


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:welc: I would say cyl #1 is using a little oil and piston #4 is washed off from coolant.

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Greetingz EZ!

Plan to put on new belts unless you know they are new with low miles. Radiator hoses are easy & cheap to replace right now. Thermostat and radiator cap are also cheap & easy (what’s a few more gaskets?) Source your head gaskets from Mother Honda only! Gates or NAPA belts and hoses are fine, but only OEM head gaskets! Also check out for even more tutorials. There is a lot of cross membership between these two sites.

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Welcome on this nice forum. Wish you al the best.
And good luck with your Wing.
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