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Helmet Speakers

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New to the Wing world!!!and I have a lot to learn:lash:
I'm looking for the best sounding helmet speakers. I ride alone so the intercom is not a big thing. I'm in to music more then talking:ssshh: I have read that JW makes a nice set up but I want the best!!
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That would be J&M not JW.
That's all I have used.

Use the forum search for J&M. Also Edsets. There is lots to read up on.
J & M Headsets

w/o a doubt J&M pretty much makes the best ones out there,they do come at a "good" price but are worth the money
I made my own. I bought a pair of headphones, the type that are not held together but have the hook that goes over each ear, mine are panasonics. Got some of the sponge type packing foam and some velcro dots that are self adhesive. Stuck the velcro on the foam and the other side in the earwell of the helmet. Stuck velcro on the back of the earphone and the other side to the exposed side of the foam in the earwell. Routed the cords through the liner and the jack comes out the rear of the helmet. Plug that into your ipod or what ever. Cost was about $17 and an hour of time. You may have to adjust the foam thickness but you want it to push the headphones against your ears when the helmet is on so you get good bass response. You simply push in on the speaker with your fingers to get them over your ears when putting it on and off ya go.
Have had these through 2 helmets over the last 7 years and sound great. I don't like helmets but these things make me want to wear it if I want tunes. The stereo on the bike is useless at 70mph or with the helmet on-can't hear it.
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w/o a doubt J&M pretty much makes the best ones out there,they do come at a "good" price but are worth the money
Is there a certain model I need to look for??
I would go for the oem Honda , the "premium" set is made by J&M , but are a bit cheaper !
I wear a 1/2 helmet, so I used a 5 pin adapter (thanks forum) and ear buds....good luck on your choice...
If you want really good music, use noice cancelling ear buds. I can't stand things in my ears, but have used them in a pinch. Especially enjoyable to cut out traffic noise.
You can purchase J&M 55mm Elite speakers 75$, input clamp with speaker wires $38, 2 piece P series cords for $40, for a total of $163. It just doesn't include the modular mic which can be purchased later for $68 if needed.
wilmo ; what ohm, watt and size did you use. Any hope of a model number?
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