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Help! GL1200 Fork Seal parts orientation?

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I need to know which way the Backup Ring goes on the shaft below the seal.

As you see in the attached picture mine has a definite lip on one side and it smooth faced on the other side.
The lip is just large enough in the recess that the seal nests in it nicely.

When I tore this down I did one side at a time but then noticed the seals were actually installed upside down. It is a 3 lip seal and the double lip was up with the numbers inside toward oil. From what I can find a 3-lip seal goes with two lips to the oil.

So now I wonder which way I should install this Back-up ring. Every site I have looked at the ring is just shown and not enough definition to determine if it has a lip or not.

I have them all installed in the correct order and they follow the manual just the actual direction of this ring is elusive.

I will keep looking but every manual I have looked at thus far does not differentiate between lipped or not on the backup ring.

Thanks in advance.


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It is the right direction in the picture.
Thanks that is what I was thinking but felt more comfortable asking the knowledge resources out here.

That was a really fast response. Thanks Dave.

Now I can get her back on the ground tonight.
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