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Hello All
I have a 1978 Honda Goldwing GL1000, I inherited from my father very suddenly. i am new to all this and quite young. so need some help.
Got my license all passed. had a good summer riding it. Now it's time to do some work on it.

I seem to be going okay. But stupid things keep holding me up. Especially when trying to find parts and the right sizes.
One thing I need help on is I need a new hose going from the reservoir tank to the radiator and from the, Reservoir cap into the reservoir tank. Stupid things like this as I am unsure
A) what type of hose can I use for this job as it's a vacuum system
B) does anyone know the size i am think in saying the bore sizes are 8mm from the rad to the cap and 7.5mm from the cap into the tank.

Also in this process i had oil coming from the weep hole under the water pump, taking it all apart and changing water pump etc etc. But i went to drain the Radiator and nothing was in it. hence the questions above, that will help me stop this.
But my question is, if it's been running with no water. what would be the signs to look out for. with regards to head gaskets etc.

Thank you for any help

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Hopefully it hasn't ran without water, that would be bad but doubtful the hoses to the reservoir emptied it out completely. Auto parts suppliers should have the hose you need, I think it's 10mm from the radiator to the tank cap, maybe 8mm inside the tank, take the cap to the auto supply, it has both sizes to match up.
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