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Here she is!!!....Nite pic's added

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Here are the pics of my new reburbished 82 GL1100, my one eyed girlfriend.

Thing that were done:

Repaint the plastic
All brand new emblems
Sandblast and repaint any metal that was removed
New fuel pump
New water pump
New timing belts
Valves were adjusted
Rebuilt front forks (new seals)
Rebuilt carbs, Sanded with 2000 grit and polished carb slides for easy movement)
Rebuilt rear shocks
New Exhaust
1) front and rear cailpers disassembled and cleaned
2) rear master cylinder disassembled and cleaned
3) flushed both systems
New fluids (oil, anitfreeze, rear end oil)
Aluminum Polished:
1) Valve Covers
2) Timing Covers
3) Back Plate for Timing Covers
4) Oil Filter Housing
5) Transmission Front Cover
6) Lower Radiator Hose Outlet
7) Water Pump Housing
8) Front Forks
9) Oil Filler Cap
10) Fuel Pump Mount
11) Plate Behind Fuel Pump Mount
12) Water Crossover tubes and 90 degree elbows
13) Fork Brace
14) Intake Manifolds
15) Carbs Tops
16) Float Bowls
17) Accelerator Pump Housing
18) Gas Cap (yes it is aluminum)
Replaced the driver floorboards
Replaced engine gaurds
Replaced saddlebag stays
Replaced luggage rack on trunk
Replaced lower driving lights
Replaced windshield garnish
Replaced all weather stripping
Replaced fairing edge trim
Cleaned and polished all the chrome
Added front air dam
Added side engine covers
Added more blue LED (Now it has 10 pods. 2 under the saddlebags, 2 behind the front air dam, 2 under the front fairing shining down on the radiator 4 shining into the engine compartment)
I have the Aspy trunk bags (thanks Boborama), they are grey need to dye them black

Here are the night pic's

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Dang bub... that bike is hot! Makes me wanna bark like a dog!
Travis I suspect you do that anyways ..........

Great job on the wing, that's probably the finest I have yet to see..........
That's one good looking wing
Ruff, ruff... ruff, ruff, ruff!
(everybody now!)
Ah Oooooooo.... Werewolves of London!
Good job. :claps::claps::claps:
Brian that is a beauty! What shade of red is that? Looks great... I am sure someone is smiling down!
Brian that is a beauty! What shade of red is that? Looks great... I am sure someone is smiling down!

Custom mixed "Wineberry" $300 a quart

After it gets dark, I'll take some night pic's of her all lit up.
She looks great! It would be "Almost" a shame to ride her!:claps::claps::claps:
Very nice ride great job.:claps::claps:
wow !! Great job.:toast:
looks great. looking at it, you also replaced the radio and speakers. what did you do there?
You missed a bit, just behind the..... oh never mind, I am sure no one else will notice. :ssshh: :ROFL:

Seriously though, she looks superb, you can be rightly proud. :claps::claps:
WOW very nice, i miss my 1100

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As one who's been there and done that I can appreciate the work that went into that fine looking machine. Congratulations! The 1100 is one of my favorite 'Wings among the older ones. Tall and narrow and easy to maintain. No slouch in performance either. Nice.:claps::claps::claps:
Very Nice !!...I Like:bow:
Nice job! I ride an 1100 myself; big fan!

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To sum it up in one word…


Great work and attention to detail. Very impressive. Congratulations.


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