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Hey from the UK

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Hi all, I'm James and I work for a company called MotoGoLoco. Rather than try and sneak my way into the forum I thought I'd drop in, say hi and give you a few details about what we're up to.

If you like what we're doing, great - I'll happily go into more detail, if not - no worries and at least I haven't just swung on by to spam your forum.

Does that sound fair enough?

What is MotoGoLoco?
In it's simplest form, we're a directory of GENUINELY motorcycle friendly accommodation throughout the UK & Ireland.

"And?! Nothing particularly ground-breaking there..." I hear you mutter, so please allow me to fill you in on a bit of that 'And'.

The Problem
We all know the problems and pitfalls when looking for somewhere to stay when travelling by bike:

  • "How will they react when I arrive on my bike?"
  • "What about all my (normally soaking wet) kit?"
  • "Are they used to having people arrive on bikes – will I be looked down on or made to feel unwelcome?"
  • "What about my bike? Will it be somewhere safe overnight?"
  • "Am I going to be treated like a hells angel? Is that what they expect me to be like?"

So how can we be so sure that the places we recommend are any better?

We’ve checked them all out, personally. Every single hotel, B&B and campsite that you see listed on MotoGoLoco is visited, checked and endorsed by one of us, in person. Our ‘discovered, visited & endorsed’ stamp of approval is our personal guarantee that the place you’re looking at is somewhere we would genuinely recommend to a biker.

I think that just about covers the (very) basics - hopefully I've not trodden on anybody's toes by posting, if so I do apologise.

Cheers folks - catch you soon,

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Welcome to the forums
Welcome from Oklahoma :waving: Enjoy the wing :cheesygrin:
Welcome again MotoGoLoco! :waving:
Welcome from North Dakota
Warm welcome to you buddy
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