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Hit (sorta) another skunk last night...

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When we bought the bike in '05, I had a skunk run out in front of me, and just like a cartoon character it turned and ran in-line with me so I rode right down the stripe. Bike stunk for about two weeks (mind you- this was February in Oregon and I rode daily 45 miles each way to work at the time) as it apparently sprayed the bottom of the motor or I popped the ol' stink sac.
Last night, doing about 40, when I see a darker shadow on the road. I ease off the throttle and think, "What the heck is-- oh crap- another skunk" Then I see the deer off to the side and choose the smaller of the two targets. I caught the tail of the skunk (I think) on the boot. Felt a light thump there anyway, and smelled it for a bit, but at least this time the bike did not get sprayed.
So today it got a pledge job just to make me feel better.
Stupid rodents.
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Back in the 60's my uncle was mowing his hay field using a sickle bar mower. About half way done he mowed through a family of skunks.
He just turned off the ignition and ran.
You could smell that tractor a long ways away.
He didn't get that tractor out of the field until a couple of good drenching rains came and knocked down the aroma enough for anyone to not gag.
He drove the thing back home and fired up the pressure washer.
Still was a wee bit 'aromatic' but at least you could use it.
Struck one with a police Harley. Brought the cycle back and parked it right outside the air intake for the dispatch center. I caught a lot of bad calls for quite a while. No sense of humor.
^ That's cool. Are we not taught as children we should share?
My cohorts just look at me and shake their heads. Then again, of the 10 or so actual riders I am the only year-rounder. Maybe that is why I have the animal strike count I do.
Hit one with the right peg of a 250 Rebel. Sprayed my boot, right saddlebag and ruined my packed lunch:sadguy:

But...I used the peroxide/baking soda/dish soap recipe and the smell was gone about 5 minutes after application.;)
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