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Honda Oil Filter number for GL 1500

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I have a 1994 Goldwing 1500 SE. I bought some oil filters - official Honda #15410-MFJ-D01 that they say now fits the 1500. I wanted to be sure this was ok before I installed it as it is different than the filter that is now on the bike as it uses a bolt head to remove it and the new one is like a typical auto filter.

Sure would appreciate some help before I screw up.


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Bob, It is the correct filter, the part number was updated as of 04/18/07.

Check it our here on the Honda Directline web site:
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Thanks for the reply. I feel better and will change my oil and filter tomorrow.

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Fram ph6017a will work. Have had good luck with them and are available thru Wal-Mart. The OEM filter that was on my 1500 had no bolt end. Was a regular canister type filter.

As will these other fine filters......Napa 1358, AC PF2135, Castrol 73117 or Purlalator ML 16817
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I would stick with the honda filter If I was you.
It sounds like the one you have on now is a k/n filter,which means someone paid for the convience of having a bolt head to take it off instead of a filter wrench.
Whatever you do,don't run a fram...............
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"Whatever you do,don't run a fram..............."

Why is that? Cuz some yoke claims he did his own tests and felt they are inferior? You read to much fiction.

Been running Fram filters all my life. Never had a failure of any kind. I could care less what some trumped up test pilot came up with. I say life long personal experience over-rules that baloney.

Let me guess....... don't buy from Saber Cycle too.
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Ditto on the Phram 6017a. Ran them on my 1100, 1200, 1500 and now on my 1800.
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I found this on the NAGW forum:

Below is a list of parts that fit the GL1500 Goldwing. Hopefully you may be able to find these at your local auto parts store.

GL1500 Goldwing aftermarket parts list

Oil Filters

NAPA 1358, AC PF2135,

Radiator caps

Stant 11233, Napa 703-1406

Timing Belts

Goodyear 40275, Gates T275, Napa 250275

Spark plugs

NGK DPR7EA9 (standard plug) DPR7EIX9 (Iridium plug)

Thermostat & gasket

Note: One area that the 1500 owners have been stuck in returning to mother Honda for has been the thermostat & gasket and Honda charges a good premium for these. Here are some thermostats I found while searching for a replacement, keep in mind that a stock unit is 2.050” in diameter and that is also the size of the following thermostats. I have ordered the Carquest and Napa THM101 thermostats along with the Carquest rubber gasket for comparision, the only difference was the placement of the water valve opening in the thermostat and the gasket had more of a straight side than a rounded side, however they did fit in the 1500 with no problem. If in doubt be sure to check for proper size before installing and use your own judgment.

Carquest: 32438 --- 180 Degree F

Napa: ATM 1542904 --- 190 dg F , ATM 1542903 --- 180 dg F

THM 201 --- 192 – 195 dg F

THM 101 --- 180 dg F

THM 535090 --- 192- 195 dg F (premium Weir design)

THM 535080 --- 180 dg F (premium Weir design)

The ATM & Weir premium Napa numbers are mostly available thru their on-line store.

Napa : Beck/Arnley brand thermostats (add BA in front of part # for NAPA)

143-0687 --- 160 dg F, 143-0688 --- 192 dg F, 143-0689 --- 180 dg F

Rubber thermostat gasket / seal

Carquest --- 30730

Napa --- THM 1091, ATMTG 2801, BA 0390019

Front wheel Bearings

Koyo 28-6302 (or appropriate cross over)

Here is the original link:
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I also am curious about the Fram filter claim as they have been producing filters for years. I am not attempting to promote a brand but when I read statements like this in a Techinica Forum, I wonder if the person making the statement has some concrete findings, install the product incorrectly, or misuse a product, or assume the product caused them some harm.
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is the link to the article that compares the filters.

I use the Napa Gold 1358
the WalMart SuperTech 6607:)
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I could be completely incorrect but seem to recall that several years ago (at least 6 - 8 years) there were a few problems with Fram filters that were made in Korea.

I don't remember all the exact details but it was something to do with the threads on the filters, the filters would spin off the mounting bolt on the engines.

The problem was identified and corrected within a very short period of time. However, sometimes I think folks remember such incidences and continue to believe the problem exists forever. And the manufacture ends up getting blamed for a bad product long after the issue has been resolved.
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Dancinbear wrote:
"Whatever you do,don't run a fram..............."

Why is that? Cuz some yoke claims he did his own tests and felt they are inferior? You read to much fiction.

No, I just pulled the screen filter off of my other bike that I run a fram filter on,I wish I would have taken a picture of it to show all,but it's true the cardboard in the fram screw on filter comes apart...............

So that was the icing on the cake for me, I thought trying to save 2 bucks is not worth it.

I just bought a pack of 10 oem honda filters for 80 bucks shipping included.

Thats 8 bucks a piece and I was giving almost 7 bucks for the fram........

To each his own........................
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Fram PH6010A

kind of an old thread but got me curious about fram filters.
I just changed oil and filter on my wife's
1983 VT750 Shadow. She is just learning to ride and finally has her licence.
This bike went thru 1500 km of slow riding with the temperature gauge running really hot a lot of the time. (she's a slow learner)
I cut the filter apart , the paper filter was as solid as when it was new, I couldn't pull it apart by hand.
Maybe the fellow that had the paper fall apart got a filter made on a Monday. lol
Fram about a decade ago, had some problem with the glue turning loose.
That has long ago been resolved. I would not worry about it today.

Still, for some, once burned, never again and the internet "never forgets".

Wix is a major supplier to just about everyone, be it NAPA or any of the other parts stores with their own brand.. Inside most of them is a Wix filter.

Change the oil and filter on a regular schedule and all will be fine.
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I was told by a retired Honda mechanic and Honda rider for 53 yrs. He told me many yrs ago not to use Fram. their paper element falls apart fast..I am not a mechanic, I have a 1983 GL 1100I, and a 1989 GL 1500/6. I went by what experience said, which was many years ago. I would think Fram has made modern advances with their product. I change oil every 3000 miles. Most bike owners change oil every few thousand miles. I dont think a filter now would fall apart in 2 or 3 thousand miles. We all have our own preferences when it comes to what we do with our rides and what brand of parts we prefer. That is what makes conversations and opinions so interesting. I have learned a lot thru the years readings forums. I stick with Honda parts. I wont condemn any filter anyone uses. If they are satisfied and had years of good luck, who are we to say....Ride safe and stay well....
yes, old information is correct - for its time period
NEW information from this decade says use FRAM without concern!
There are lots of criteria to evaluate an oil filter by. The density and thickness of the media. The amount of media. Construction design. Does or doesn't have a bypass valve etc. The part that troubles me id the construction of the Fram Filter. The info I am using is from 2011 so I am not sure if things have changed and you guys are right. I had two Frams collapse and lost all oil pressure. I won't use Fram because the end caps that retain the media is cardboard. The cardboard sort of collapsed on itself and plugged the filter nearly completely when mine failed. The two pictures attached show two filters. One Purolator one Fram. Both are the basic models and cost about the same. Notice the construction of the end caps on both as well as the amount of media. If I can buy either I will take the Purolator but that might be just me? :)


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Fram filters as of about 5 years ago were falling apart.

In the last 3 to 4 years, that is no longer a problem.

However, does it always have a bypass valve? you don't know unless you can find some definitive info on that specific filter.

I go OEM, NAPA, Wix.... with NAPA being my 1st choice.

Andy Williams and I split a case of NAPA filters so we each have 12 of them. that ought to keep us in good supply :)
I have used Fram filters for 50 years and never had a problem with them.
I've read in several places that some of the OEM Honda oil filters are made by Honeywell/Fram. One source:
Another source:
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