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Honda unveils 160cc PCX "mini" Gold Wing

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I have to admit it looks attractive. Is it US freeway trip capable though or just short haul? I used to take a YSR50 out on the highway at night 🤪 Seriously build it in 400cc call it Silver Wing that'll be cool.
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Would be great to have in the Philippines if it was just like in the video with the bags and all the lights.
The 2023 PCX160 model they show for there only has luggage under the seat.
I believe i found a price of about $4000 for the mini Wing shown in the video.

Philippine Honda PCX160 models are about $2400 to $3000 for the 2 models that they have there that is a regular scooter.

The Yamaha NMAX 155cc scooter i rented in 2020 was pretty good and cost new about $2200 then.
4 variable valve with ABS, CVT and fuel injected.

Yamaha VMX 300cc in the Philipines was over $3000 but can't remember how much.
Physically much bigger than the NMAX 155cc.
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