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Honda unveils 160cc PCX "mini" Gold Wing

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I have to admit it looks attractive. Is it US freeway trip capable though or just short haul? I used to take a YSR50 out on the highway at night 🤪 Seriously build it in 400cc call it Silver Wing that'll be cool.
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Yes; a 2 liter, 8 cylinder engine would be vibration free and maybe they could add a couple extra wheels to eliminate the tendancy for a 2-wheeled 1000+ lb machine to tip over while stopped at a red lignt! 😁

Seriously though, the "baby" Gold Wing is a 16 HP scooter with some nice flowing bodywork.

I wish Honda would put more production effort into building Trail 125 bikes which continue to be as scarce as hen's teeth.

I was hoping the model after the 1500 would be an 8 cylinder 2000cc
Variable valves would be nice
A supercharger like the mad Kwaks now have
Upside down forks like every bike that handles well since 1990
More luggage space
Bigger petrol tank for a minimum of 200 miles
Heads up display on the windshield
4.1 sound system
Cote de Pablo on pillion
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