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Honda unveils 160cc PCX "mini" Gold Wing

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I have to admit it looks attractive. Is it US freeway trip capable though or just short haul? I used to take a YSR50 out on the highway at night 🤪 Seriously build it in 400cc call it Silver Wing that'll be cool.
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very nice, I really like it myself.
the single best thing I noticed is that the Seat actually looks like it might be comfortable....
not like the one on my Piaggio MP3 which slants down at about a 15 degree angle, and I can't relax at all.
very tiring.

MPH? the MP3 is 250cc and barely makes 69.5 mph with a tailwind.
uphill? about 55 mph is about it
the Honda's lights are Eons better than the MP3, damn near invisible to traffic

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goldwing seats look comfortable too............just sayin.
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