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Full disclosure: I'm not a Goldwing enthusiast. I just found these saddlebags at a local Habitat for Humanity Restore and was planning to fit them to an E-bike, but during my research on how to do that, I ran across this forum and realized that there might be folks out there interested in using them as they were intended. Seemed like a better use for them, so I'm offering them for sale.

The bags are in as near perfect shape as I'd expect anything to be that was once attached to a motorcycle. On the outside, the only blemish I can see is a thumbprint-sized dent in the corner of one bag (shown in the last pic). On the inside, there are a couple of places where the paint has been scratched (also shown), but everything else is present and in order- even the elastic in the retaining strap is still springy. It really looks a though they were very seldom used by whoever had them on their bike originally. They're still a bit dusty/dirty from storage in the pics.
  1. The 1st pic is of all 3 (obviously)
  2. The next 4 pics are the trunk bag
  3. The next 2 are one saddlebag
  4. The next 3 are the other saddlebag
The posting utility would only let me upload 10 pics, so if you want to see the backside of any of the bags, PM me and I'll send.

I realize there are some concerns about fraud when buying from new forum members, and though I don't know how specifically yet, I'm sure there's a way to set up a safe transaction.

I have only a vague idea what's a fair asking price, so make me an offer if you're interested. I'll ship them to you and charge you only what UPS charges me.
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