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Hello fellow GW owners! Here's my issue: My 1982 GL1100 has been overheating badly after about 20 miles of travel. Fan works but does not bring temp down. Here are some other facts:
1. cannot find any coolant in oil or oil in coolant.
2. Slight smoke from left pipe
3. If left idling for about 12 minutes, she will belch out coolant from her overflow hose.
4. New thermostat, radiator flushed, passages seem clear.
5. compression on left side: 30psi, 70psi. On right side: 90psi, 90psi
6. although compression seems ridiculously low, she starts and idles fine (bad compression guage?)
7. I am going to check the water pump tomorrow
I believe I need new head gaskets. What do y'all think? HELP!!!
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