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how important is reverse?

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I have been riding my GL1000 for several years and am looking to "trade up" to a 1500. Seems like all 1500s with reverse are advertised at 2-3 thousand dollars more than similar year bikes without reverese.
So my question to you guys who ride 1500s is: How much do you use reverse? Could you be happy without it?
Please let me know your thoughts.

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That depends on what type of terrain you ride. Over here in the UK & in Europe where I like to ride in the mountains & tow the trailer, I think it's a very usefull option to have & because the SE has it, I tend to use it now & then. If your terrain is largely flat & you don't need to reverse it into & out of a garage then you won't need it. I'm over 6 foot tall and around 200 lbs with long legs, so for me the bike is fairly easy to manoeuvre around, shorter folks may struggle a little more.
Not very if you watch where you park.. Of two Wing I've used it maybe 4 times.. Once was to see if it still worked............
1500s are naturally heavier than 1100s so you might consider that. find one to sit on and push it backwards. If you can handle it then it may not be worth considering. How often have you thought you needed it on your 1100? that could be your final answer.
How important?

Good thoughts...thank you

I had it and never used it except to try it out once. I'm 6'4 and it moves pretty slow so I never cared for it.
Nice to have from time to time. I believe that it would depend on someone ability to move the bike around.I mostly park like any other bike not having a reverse.
Well, you only need it when you need it.

As in previous posts, if all things are good and you watch where you park the reverse may be something that you never use.

However, for the few times that you pop a tire into a small pothols in a great parking place, or misjudge the angle of a stopping area... having the reverse is handy.

Going with the thought that the 1500 is about 300lbs heavier than the 1000, and for a lot of people the wider body and restrictive fairing make getting enough leverage for a good push backwards well worth a little more cost.

I find that I don't use mine much, but I seem to use it more when I'm parked on dirt (or other soft/slippy surface) and also when 2-up (doesn't have to be a fat chick even)...

As with all of these things it's a judgement call, but if reverse truly carries an additional price now, won't it also carry some additional value at your time of sale?
I have used mine maybe 2 or three times over the years. I dont NEED it and it is not important, but it sure is nice to have when you DO need it.
I have never had to use reverse.:waving:
I use the wife to push the bike back uphill into a spot!
When the Goldwing first came out with a reverse I thought it was the stupidest thing I have EVER heard of..................until I bought one!

I've parked in a few places that I sure was glad I had it. I try to avoid ever ever having to use it but it happens.
My $.02
Buy top of the line with every possible factory option (and make sure they ALL work). You'll recover your $ when you sell and have much easier time finding a buyer. The guy who bought it new already paid the heavy toll for the goodies.

If you're 6'4" or taller weighing 240 or, you'll almost never need reverse. The average size rider is DOGGONE grateful for for it when needed though.

Also, if you're comparing apples to apples, it won't cost anywhere near $2-3k more to step up to a loaded 1500 from a base model. Take your time and widen your search'll be much happeir in the end.

Best of luck!
it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it:sadguy:

go for the fully optioned one, the SE model, you wont regret it:bow:
Handy if you ever put a sidecar on it.
I live on a hill, so my driveway has a slight incline, I use it often, plus people are amazed by it
I won't be as gallant as most posters... I like it 'cause I'm lazy!
Funny how we often revisit the same topics and information. One day better software will help limit that automatically, one would hope.

Funny also how lots of people seem to report a difficulty in getting the wing up on the central stand (which I think is a doddle) while many seem to think the reverse is a gimmick (and I think it's vital).

See this post:
I use reverse a lot....

Sometimes my reverse even helps me read a map, make coffee, and keeps me warm at night. Here's my reverse below, the one with the red hair! (Actually, that bike behind us did have a reverse, but our new one doesn't...don't miss it much... I just say, "Hey, Sweetie! Get off and push!")

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