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How many miles before your Goldwing needed new brakes?

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My 1992 Goldwing's front brakes were replaced at 59,000 miles, but now at 83,000 miles the rear needs new pads. I thought this might be a good time to find out the normal wear paterns of the different Goldwings? Airfilters,batteries, tires, oil and oil filters are pretty much scheduled replacements, but how many miles would one expect to get fromtheir Brake pads, Starters, Alternators and Clutches, if they were to ride in a normal, mature and lawful minded way?

I know there are a lot of factors that contribute to the overall health of a goldwing, but I am still curious if there is a patern. Some of you have kept detailed maintanance records, while others have purchased their bikes with a great deal of previous owner documentation.

I am debating whether I shouldchange all of the pads just to keep everything ballanced and the same.

Alreadyreplaced theAirfilter and installed the Fram Extra Wear Guard Oil filter,Filled her with 3.4 quarts of Delo 400 15-45 and installed 6 NKG Iridium spark plugs.

I havepurchased the Gates Timing Belts, but just as important, I am looking at installing the progressive front springs and a complete set of New brake pads (HH).My 1992 came with a new battery and new Duro Tires. I Absolutely have to replace the Rear Brakes.

Since I am doing all of the work myself (have to, because I really do nothave any money to spend), I thought it would be a good time to do all of the common sense Items before putting it all back together.

So, back to the survey. Let us know what your experience has been. Do clutches really last forever, ?

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I normally will change both front & rear brake pads about 15k miles or when the brake pads left about 3mm thinkness.

Last time Ichanged the front & rear rotors at 80k miles, front left 4mm, rear left 5.5mm (recommended to replace at 5mm & 6mm respectively)

Replace engine oil and oil filter at 4k-5k miles interval.

Spark plugs replacement at 15k - 20k miles interval.

Final drive / gear oil changed at 10k interval.

Hydraulic oil replaced every 2 years.

Timing belts were replaced at 60k miles.

Batteryreplaced every 2 years.

Alternator checked at 1st 40k miles, and subsequent 10k miles interval, replace or repair if necessary.

K&N airfilter recharged at 10k miles interval.

Don't think the clutch can last forever, but my bike at 84k miles now, it still going strong.

I always keep a booklet to record all the services done. :)
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wow that some mileage before you changed the pads, no where near that, i would say normally 10k, rest of stuff as per maintenance schedule
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Your brake calipers are independant enough from each other that the choice of changing all together or separately is up to you.

If you keep an eye on them, you can do each caliper as it comes to need it.

In fact, I prefer to change them separately, even if they are close to the same amount of wear. Putting a new pad against an already worn rotor temporarily reduces the braking effectiveness until the new pad wears to match the wear pattern on the rotor. Since I do the work myself, I would much rather break in one set of brake pads at a time. It doesn't take long, only a couple days, but I feelsafer knowing the way 2 sets of pads are going to respond.

My 1200 clutch, which is the only one I have had to replace, went about 150,000 miles before replacement.
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Wow. Are you saying you got 59,000 on the pads, or the rotors? I used to change the pads on my Road King each time I changed the tire on that wheel, and they barely lasted. Then I had a BMW RT, and never had to change the pads (sold it at 34K miles). Still, 59,000 on pads, if I understand you correctly, seems a long way.
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Ferrarimx5 wrote:
if they were to ride in a normal, mature and lawful minded way?
I'm afraid you've excluded me from a response.

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Remember though, its not how many mioles you ride, it is how many you stop that wears the pads down.:cheeky1::cheeky1:
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My 86 1200 wing has 32800 miles on it, and I just replaced front brake pads, fork seals, timing belts, and progressive fork springs.
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