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How to clean tank w/o removing.

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see below
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Please post the translation. Can you tell us how yours turned out. I know you have my attention. I suspect a lot of others too.
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From some forum
Cheap white vinegar dissolves rust. Pour some into a coffee can and drop in those rusty bolts. Let is sit for a few days sloshing occasionally.
Also works as a gas tank cleaner. Filling it with vinegar and letting it sit for a few days will give you a tank cleaned down to bare metal with lose flakes that can be easily flushed out with a garden hose.
Along the same lines…
I recently refurbished a fuel tank that was severly rusted inside. It was so bad that the fuel sending unit components had been totally eaten away! I filled the tank to the top with white vinegar and let it set for 48 hours. The vinegar took it down to the bare metal! All rust gone! I rinsed it, applied etching solution, then Bill Hirsch tank sealant, installed a new fuel sending unit and it worked like a charm! The 10 gallons of white vinegar cost me $11 total!
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Skip the translation here is the same thing in English already
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newbiker wrote:
I found this info which I am translating, verify.
car battery charger
caustic soda
piece of metal preferably stainless such as tea spoon or big bolt
1. fill fuel tank with solution of caustic soda (use gloves and have garden hose in case of spilling on arms)
2. Attach minus to tank
3. Attach plus to peace of metal inserted in tank(it should not tauch tank.
If current is too high there will be a lot of bubbles. My charger has 15 and 2 Amps. If 2 Amps used it can take several hours.
Here is link, look at pictures.
DO NOT USE stainless steel. I posted directions on this on another thread a while back.

The cheapest thing to use for your sacrificial iron is rebar cut to lengths, or the big iron nails at hardware stores. Stainless gives off a poisonous gas when doing this.

I also use regular arm & hammer baking soda.......about a tablespoon per gallon for electrolyte solution.

I use a battery charger for my source of electricity.
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