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Bob Myers said:
Is there any way to see the pics in the attachment box that you(I) have posted? I hate to upload the same one time and again and waste storage space if it is already there.

The easiest way is for you to Bookmark all of your Albums.

Next easiest is to know exactly what title you used and Search for it after you click on Photo Gallery in the Main Menu line on top of each page.

3rd way is to click on Photo Gallery and then on Owner which will sort all Albums in Alphabetical order. Now click on the Next Page until you see Bob Myers in the Owners column. (this is a PITA, but works) Now you will see ALL of the albums you have created.

4th way and maybe the easiest of all is to find a post that You Have Made.

  • Click on your name above your avatar.
  • Click on View Public Profile.
  • Click on Statistics
  • Click on Albums Created by AZgl1500 (your name, not mine I just highlighted my name in the Control Panel to show you how it will look. ) They will sort by most recent date.

Now, how do you find ALL of the Attachments that you have uploaded to messages on the forum?

  • Look up on the Main Menu line and click on User CP
If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, you will see Attachments
Click on that and you will see all of the images you have attached to messages.

I hope this will help you, me, and others in the future to find all of the images that you have uploaded to the forum...

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