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Sadly, as of now: December 2019, Xenforo software does not show our bike info below our Avatar.
So, until they get that fixed, which they tell us won't be for "a good while now".

I am suggesting that all of you put your bike into your Signature.
It is not hard, just follow these steps.

1 - click on your Avatar in the top right corner of the Page.
2 - Scroll down to Account Settings and click on that.
3 - Scroll down to Signature and click on that.
4 - In the Signature Editor, type in your bike info, and insert a small image of your bike if you wish. Xenforo restricts us to 1 image.

Please restrict the image so to not be much larger than 125 pixels high, like I am showing right now for my Signature image.

We don't want Signatures taking up the whole entire screen, if they do, I will personally edit them down to proper size.




This Image is 125 pixels high by 300 pixels wide.
Trying it out for effect...


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Good job, now I know what you are riding :)
Did you notice that we can click on that small image, and it will to Full Screen?
Nice bike.
In BLUTHUNDR31's signature, Xenforo must be scaling a full size image down to 125 Px Thumbnail height if you can click on it for full size image. I click on yours nothing happens.
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