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I am to old to still be doing my own stunts.

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I am riding west on Lawrence in Chicago, heading for I90 around 10:40 this morning on my GoldWing when a woman runs out from the curb on foot without looking for traffic. *I did that little swivel move to avoid her successfully but when I went to straighten up my rear wheel slid out from under me on crosswalk paint. *I went down on my left side. *The bike slid about 60' and I went about 20'. All my protective gear did what it was supposed to do. The helmet skipped on the ground but head is fine. *Leather jacket slid as it should. Leather gloves slid like planned. I remember my glasses and watch flying off. *My left shoe went sailing off. *The laces tore and they were heavy duty work shoes. **
My ribs hurt and my hip hurts but nothing broken. * *
My thanks to CPD Bt1632 who saw the whole thing and called it in immediately and then blocked traffic for me. *Also to the CFD ambulance and truck that responded. I was in great hands with them. *
Thank you to my old partner Bob Dolan and his brother Jim who got there as fast as they could and got me and the bike home. **
And for all you bikers out there, the GoldWing doesn't have a scratch on it. *They designed them well. **
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Its good to hear you have no serious injiry . As well as the bike suffering minimal damage . I hope your up quickly and back in the seat . Perhaps an air horn upgrade would be in order .

BTW Welcome to the forum . I hope you enjoy the time you spend with us .
glad you are ok
It's bad enough to try to figure out what a car is going to do, pedestrians are a whole nother problem.

Great to hear you are ok. Get healed up and back on the bike.
Dead center those ped*des*trians :ROFL:

will teach them to watch out for bikers :)

I imagine a 900 lb bike would cause a lot of fractures to the little lady that you managed to avoid. Did she apologize for the accident she caused?
Glad everyone came out unhurt and the bike is good. I do hope the Lady at least thanked you for doing what you did instead of running her dumb ass over!
"The lady" probably did What most drivers do. Just saw you as another invisible motorcycle. Glad that you both survived without serious injury:claps::bow:

See them all the time, ear buds in, thumbs typing like mad, looking down at their smart phone and walking out into traffic.

Good think they have a smart phone, because nothing else about them even comes close to smart !

The woman did stick around and apolgized profusley for causing the accident. Thankfully I avoided her. There would have been lots more damage, to the bike, to her, and to me. I will heal and the bike will be fine. It is supposed to be rotten weather for a week so by the time I feel better the weather will have cleared up.
Just a note. four days after this accident I looked like I was wearing a pair of navy blue bike shorts due to the bruising on my back side. My ribs ached and I really bruised my left hip. What I thought I would bounce back in a week from actually took me about six weeks. There was a time when I would have bounced right back and not noticed a thing. That time has long gone obviously. I did use the down time to get some work done on the bike that needed to be taken care of.
I bought a new helmet since the one I was wearing was about 6 years old and took a good hit on the street in this fall. I bought a new pair of deerskin gloves as I discovered that back side of one glove I was wearing was almost abraded through from rubbing on the ground.
Stauer Watch company sent me a new watch band for free when I told them the band broke and the watch went sailing off.

I purchased a couple Hi Viz shirts. They are orange so people think it is an HD shirt.

I have been riding every chance I can but I scan the curb much more for idiots who might run out.
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Perhaps an air horn upgrade would be in order .
Air horns don't help as by the time you press the button the sh!t has already hit the fan.:readit:
Bob, welcome to the forum and I'm glad you came out of it with just bruises. Thanks for the description as well, it may help another one of us old guys be a little better prepared and avoid something.
Glad you are both ok. I had a similar experience a few years ago except the lady tried to step back when I hit my horn button and swerved to the left, she slipped on the curb & fell breaking her leg. I managed to keep the bike upright
( 500 Shadow) & got it stopped. I checked her, she apologised & I call my fellow medics & police.
In the end. my insurance co informed me that my rates were increasing since I was involved in a accident. The police, little old lady and her family all agreed that I was not at fault but ot took 6 months of fighting to get the insurance co to back off.
They said that even tho the lady was "J" walking on a curve, any time a vehicle is involved with a pedestrian, the vehicle operator is "ALWAYS" at fault..:?
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