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I needed a second opinion...and a third...and..

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It's been awhile since my GL1500 rolled away and was replaced by a Stratoliner in the hope that I could still keep my ailing knees in the breeze.

My VA orthopedic surgeon told me to get rid of it.:sobbing:

I did. Went into immediate depression and 3 months later bought another VT1100 Shadow. Now, a year later, the height of the Shadow resulted in more problems with my ability to make the gazelle-like leap into the saddle:sadguy:

So I wandered the desert again and came up with this last week:

2010 Honda VT1300CS (Sabre) equipped pretty much like the Stateline model.

It's lower than the Shadow and I can find the seat without needing a stepladder:) Peppy and functional and I can do a little touring with it.

So I don't have a Wing, but this forum has always been the most civilized (no endless fighting over loud pipes, oil, tires, guns, politics) so this is where we returned.
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Welcome Home . Your always welcome here no what you ride or have no ride ata all .

Thats a nice looking bike and should have your knees in breeze quite well . I am happy you found a new stead thats fits your needs . Enjoy the ride .
Nice machine. On the new line, that is the one I like. How do you like the fuel injection? Those engines are suppose to be bullit proof, kinda like most Hondas......
Nice machine. On the new line, that is the one I like. How do you like the fuel injection? Those engines are suppose to be bullit proof, kinda like most Hondas......
The throttle response and torque reminds me very much of the injected 1854cc Stratoliner that I had. The numbers for the relatively small V-Twin compared to the Yamaha monster are very respectable: the injected 1300 turns out 79 ft. lb. of torque out of the box, while the 1854 turns out 108 (most truthful measures agree:)). A significant difference, but when you consider the big Yamaha has a 542cc advantage over the Honda, but weighs about 300lb more, the numbers go into proper perspective.

The two engines (1300 & 1854) are very smooth and the Honda dealer told me the VT1300 (injected) is much smoother than the VTX1300 (Carb); I'll take it on faith as I've never ridden a VTX. Seems probable as the the Sabre is much smoother than my 1100 Shadows that were also carb.

At the present time the Sabre performs like the Stratoliner but weighs about the same as my Shadow (that's a good thing for my damaged knees). I'll never have to worry about the top end of Sabre (about 85mph they say) compared to my GL1500 or the Strat, both of which didn't even break a sweat passing into triple digits.

So for now, the Sabre seems to be an excellent compromise for my physical limitations and performance requirements.:waving:

The only thing about the Sabre that has me on the fence is the fact that it's a single pin crankshaft configuration and it has that exhaust note and lope that people associate with Milwaukee...:waiting:
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There's a bike with a lower saddle height than the Shadow? Didn't think that was possible. Good for you keeping on the ride as long as possible.
Great to hear that you have been able to get back onto two wheels:thumbsup:
Yes that is quite a bit of torque, and I would think that the injection is nice.

We have a 1300 VTX, and it is still low mileage, but it is a torque monster as well. It is fun to ride.

Last 4 tanks full, with control of the grip, I have got 50 mpg, corrected....each tank was exactly 50. This is after I adjusted the valves at 3700 miles. The book calls for a check at 600, but time and mileage got away from me. 4 of the 6 did need adjustment. Easy to do, but very time consuming.

Not much vibration, and I also wondered about the nice sounding single crank pin. I like it. The 1800 X has dual crank pins. Much different sound.
one thing I am doing is to step on the pegs to mount. the extra height makes a difference in swinging the leg over.

And that's good advice!;)

I've tried the law enforcement mount (offside standing on pegs) and the standard approach standing on peg and invariably I become ensnared by the sissy bar, winding up half....mounted....and embarrassed as a ruptured duck:sadguy:
I too have resorted to climbing onto the left foot pad before mounting. This is to offset getting a total left knee replacement a year ago. It really helps. Good for you to find a way to continue to ride. Enjoy every mile you can get on.:)
never even sat on a Stratoliner, but the Shadow Spirit 1100 is an absolutely perfect fit for me, just like my current Vulcan 750. The 750 is actually slightly faster. Maybe it is just the way it looks, but it seems to be an awfully long reach from the seat to the bars on that Sabre. One of my "orthopedic" requirements is a completely upright riding position, no leaning forward, and at least a 90 degree knee bend. Pegs slightly more forward than that are ok, but not to much. The biggest issue I have with my 1200 Goldwing is the rearset pegs. I sit right against the bump in the seat, and my feet are a few inches to far back. Not bad, but farther forward would be much better. Unfortunately there is an engine in the way.
Maybe it is just the way it looks, but it seems to be an awfully long reach from the seat to the bars on that Sabre.
I was concerned about the handlebar reach as well; I put touring handlebars on the Strat and loved the buckhorn bars on both my VT1100C's.

Surprisingly the Sabre's lower handlebars put my hands and wrists at a very comfortable height and I've experience no shoulder spasms as I did with the Strat and my GL1500.:)

Like you, I found that for my long legs, the riding position of the GL1500 was just impossible to mitigate. I even put on highway boards and still couldn't get comfortable doing the OB/GYN leg stretch around the flat 6:sadguy:
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