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I should get the wrong parts more often!!

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Two three of you may have seen my post for "oh my gas".
Since my '78 has been sitting for a period of time, I decided to get a set of bowl gaskets for it too.
Randall Washington "Randakk's" contracts superb aftermarket carb components that stand up to today's fuels, so it was only logical to order both sets from him.
They arrived in two days. I opened the package, stumbled onto the 1200 bowl gaskets first, and set the other package aside.
A week later I was done with 1200, pushed it into the corner and pulled out the '78. Removed the carbs, blew out all jets and passages, then reached for the package with the bowl gaskets. When I opened them up, they weren't for a GL1000.
I guess even Randakk makes mistakes.
I sent him an email, he said he would make it right, and today, the gaskets arrived.
I feared something had gone wrong with the order again, because the box was much larger than it needed to be. Upon opening it, I found the correct gaskets, (whew!!) and other assorted goodies.
Not only did he make good on the gaskets, but he had included three Randakk peel and sticks, a Randakk patch, a Randakk key chain, and a pair of Randakk's amazing hand grips!!
I just wish there were a way to post this in all GW forums. This guy is a credit to motorcyclists everywhere.
Thanks Randall, for all you do.
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You gotta love customer service!:claps:
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