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I used to tease Harley riders about the aftermarket expense

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Not any more. Holy crap, every time I turn around I'm spending a bunch more on this bike or some riding gear. It seems to be a motorcycle thing and not a Harley rider thing. My apologies for all my past transgressions to my Harley friends. :waving:
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Got my share of wishes for them.

I just spent most of the day surfing WWW to see if I can find a retirement home on wheels :cool:

I had the perfect one all picked out now for several months, but taking the Goldwing with me means pulling another trailer behind the 5th wheel.

So, my son PJ was visiting here today and he made the point to his mom, that she better start thinking Toy Hauler style because California and a few other states won't let me pull two trailers.

Also, he drove it into her about the parking availability in "just any ole campground" for 2 trailers is just about non-existent. Funny thing that, I have told her many times that we need to think Toy Hauler and she refused to accept the idea.

Now she is coming around because it was not me saying "we need to do this". :(

Well, I finally found an acceptable model made by CrossRoads called the CrossTerrain. Two versions of it for a base price of $63 grand. But those farkles :shock:

By the time I added in all of the Requirements like a/c in the bedroom, etc.... that puppy grossed out at a piddly little $83 grand. :?

Yep, them farkles will get you everytime.

Airplanes? I refused to renew my medical about 6 years ago when the cost of flying our club airplane hit $85/hour, annual dues of $500/year. I can't afford that kind of waste of my pocket money.

I sold my personal airplane back in 1976 to make a down payment on a new house. :(

Sob, I sure regret that decision, but I probably could not have afforded to keep it either.
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