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I'm looking for radiator information

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I think I'll be looking for a replacement radiator for the 75 1000. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with any of the parts places out there (used) that have had a positive experience in acquiring a replacement.

I got one off of ebay and it failed my pressure test. There are very few listed that verify they HAVE been pressure tested. One I chuckled at said "it held water, last I heard"

I'm basically looking for a personal reference from someone that has dealt with a responsible supplier. They most all allow returns, but the shipping back and forth gets tedious, and pretty shortly I'm going to want to get this thing on the road!

I really want to stay away from a new one.....looks like that hits the warchest for around $400-$600.

Thanks for any ideas
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Don't know how bad it is, but I've taken two radiators in for repair, both far larger that that of a goldwing, one cost $90, the other $130... that may be the better option here.
I got one for the 1200 off ebay, spent $40 for it to r&r'd. Total cost was $80.

I imagine you have already looked at ebay, though...
The good news is that the older wing radiators are repairable. Any decent radiator shop should be able to handle it.
I'll second the repair shops.
Nothing out of the ordinary to reseal a small radiator like that.
Go to your local small engine repair shop. Find out from him who does the radiators on their stuff.
Thanks gentlemen, I'll get down to Spokane and find a radiator shop. I did notice these things are brass, not aluminum or plastic, so I figured that might be worth checking out. I'll make some phone calls.
... these things are brass, not aluminum or plastic...
Yeah, like carb floats.
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