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Hi again Speeddemontbn86,

Rebuild them.

I just did mine. It was very easy to do. Actually, I didn’t rebuild them as much as “refresh” them. The only thing that you would probably have to do different would be replace the seals if they are leaking fluid. Mine were great (not leaking and in good shape). Refreshing them is only a few dollars compared to $100’s of dollars for Progressives. Progressives are great though.

I did both the front and the back. It worked out AWESOME. I would recommend that you do both. As a matter of fact I would HIGHLY recommend that you clean up and clean out that air compressor and air lines when you address your cooling problems. You're going to have that system out anyway.

I had to do mine as it was full of shock and fork oil. It was a mess to say the least. I replaced the desiccant which only cost me a few dollars. If there is oil in that chamber the desiccant is toast. Lets face it… it probably has never been done in close to 30 years and is long since used up. You don’t want moisture in that system.

If your loosing air, could their be an air leak in the line somewhere? Have you lost fluid or just air? My fluid was like molasses and that’s where all my problems were. Use soap and water put on by a brush to find an air leak.

I ride now like a Cadillac now. A bottle of ATF is pretty cheap and only a few hours of your time if your slow at it. After replacing my fork fluid and rear shock fluid it made a WORLD of difference. They great!

Here’s the thread for for what I did for the front:

Here’s the thread for the back:

What I did:

What helped guide me:



Really, it’s worth a try.

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