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I'm a bookmarker kind of guy, okay? I have not read all of these threads from end to end, but I do know that there are a lot of vendors mentioned in them.
I will update this Index as I come across more of them.

These all have been bookmarked into a Big Master Index that covers the whole Steve Saunders Goldwing Forums, an index that you can put into your own web browser by following my Signature Link.

Single Carb Conversions!/~/product/category=361512&id=1222026

32/36 weber conversion • NGW Club

4 into 1 carb converson - GL1100

86 Wingnut Honda Goldwing gl1200 Single Carb Coversion and Alternator install - YouTube

GL1100 Single Carb Manifold Option - 1" PVC, Polaris rubber mount, VW Pict 3 style carbs

gl1100 weber 32/36 swap

Juan Fernandez GL1100 single carb conversion

Langdon's Stovebolt | Specializing in Inline Six Cylinder High Performance Parts

Sergey Zavaliy Honda GL1200 (single Solex carb conversion kit) - YouTube

Sergey Zavaliy Single Carb Just Gold Wing... - YouTube

Single Carb Conversions for 4 Cylinder Goldwings

Single Carburetor - which one?

GL1100: Single Carb Conversion
from Alternative Cruisers forum

Single Carb - Copper water pipe manifold

New Design Goldwing GL1000 1100 Single Carburetor Conversion Manifold Kit | eBay

Store | Langdon's Stovebolt Carter Weber Carburetor

Copper Plumbing Pipe manifold... neat & easy to make

Images of goldwing conversion carbs

images of single carb conversion

single carb conversion

L.D. Wingnut Single Carb Manifold

Single carb conversion, GL1100

solex 34 pict 3

GL1100 Single Carb Manifold Option

GL1100 single carb conversion

Need advise. GL1200 Single carb manifold heating

'78 GL1000....Project nearly completed

Single Carb - Copper water pipe manifold

Single carb kit for GL1200. Own experience

gl1100 Weber 32/36 swap

GL1100 81 Single Carb

4 into 1 carb conversion

My 83 GL1100A home built single carb setup.

Single carb set up JUNK !!!

GL1200 Single Carb

Anyone with EMPI/Solex single carb GL1000 conversions?

Single Carb thoughts, GL1200

Single carb GL1100 install tweaking

Single carb GL1100

1100 carb conversion

ldwingnut single carb conversion kit question

====== More threads found by CM85 ===== added on 8/16/2015

Here are more.
With the way I'm finding them, let me know when you've moved these so I can find more.

GL1200 Single Carb Conversion

Single Carb Conversion + Rigid PVC Intake

GL 1000 run awful, flame-out

GL1100 - Single Carb conversion

81 interstate carbs ???

Norgod32's EMPI Single Carb Conversion

Engine start running really rich, stumbles & backfires through carb, I have spark

Single carb question, GL1100

Update on L.D. Welch (LDWingnut)

Single Carb, GL1100

Single carb curious

Intake manifold design

yes yes yes it works!!

Single carb

Flat spot GL1100

Single carb v. double carb

GL1100 changing to a 2 barrel carburettor?

Single Carb Converson

Backkfired NOW runs like Crap!!

My Goldwing, modifications and happiness!

Single carb on GL 1100

Single Carb Update

Single carb setup

FIve to One, One in Five

carb conversion

Single carb conversion anyone?

CI Single Holley Set UP

Single Carb

one carb or stick with the four

======= more threads from CM85 added on 8/18/2015

here's some more of 'em.

My CC Products manifold carb mounting problems

Weber 2bbl users. Jet Sizes?

GL1000 carb sizes

The broke idiots guide to a new to you weber 32dfta on a goldwing

GL1500 Single Carb

Weber in aggressive modified high output application

GL1000, SINGLE CARB 32/36 WEBER Bogs when accelerating

gl1500se single carb.

Fix this GL1000 motor or find another....?

2 barrel carb swap

2 barrel carb swap

GL1100 single carb install/starter clutch dilemma

Single carb Set up, GL1100

2 barrel carb conversion and Vance and hines

Single-carb conversions (again) - GL1000

GL1800 Converted to Carb

GL1000 single carb conversion. Weber 32/36 & VW type 3 manifold.

single carb conversion - quickdraw2424

Single Carb Converisions - Flashhawk

8/19/2015 more threads have been found by Steve CM85
see below


Midnight 8/19/2015 Scott has found some more SCC threads... twice today!

Probably old news for mosts here

jetting for gl1100 with single carb manifold and solex 30/31 pict

GL1100, what to try now?... single carb project

GL1100, it runs!!.... but doesn't idle well

GL1100 carb conversion..anyone done this

LD Wingnut needs prayers!!!

single carb setup run vid

1981 Goldwing for sale 35K Fresh paint, TONS of work into it

About to give up on the GL1100

Single carb on 1000
carb conversion unit ?????????

Single Carb

Engine dying single carb

GL1100 wont idle

some guys are interested in this single carb setup

New additions to the stable

.... 8/20/2015 Steve has found some more threads... he is putting in a LOT of TIME searching for all of these SCC threads..... thank you steve.
Here are more:

L.D.Welch is back with His Carb Conversion

Fuel injection

Single carb Conversions, GL1000

GL1000 with 1100 Carb Set conversion issues.

Looking at this single carb manifold

Gl 1000 shuts off during riding

carb convertion

It Is Alive...

Ok finally my turn at single carb conversion

Single carb kit for GL1200

Single carb conversion vs quad carb rebuild


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I'll have more this (and each) evening as I can find them. There's many more threads still to be rounded-up and listed.
I'm finding some old favorite ones I haven't seen in a while.
They're out there. It's like fishing when I find one.

If you're indexing, his stuff really needs to be segregated out and filed independantly.
He has more conversions out there than most realize.

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...many threads of 34PICT-3's not working on 1000 and 1100 engines very well.
This is going to be a larger issue as "Juan" continues to sell them.
Unless he heats below that throttle valve, he'll always have problems.

I do believe that even Sergey (GL1200 conversion) has had problems and was seeking advice on his conversion.

This "Juan" issue is an important one.
Historically, he has presence here that is not well known.
I've an entire evolutionary track of his technical progress up to this moment in time.

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Steve updated me again today, we now have 7 pages at 21 threads per page, or 147 Single Carb Threads in this sub-Forum now.

. as always, all of the thread indexes will stay IN the very 1st post of this Sticky Thread.

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Steve, CM85 found enough threads to push us over 9 pages of them...
the index, as before, is all in the first post of this thread.

or, you can just simply scan through all of the pages....
that can be more helpful, because I have renamed a lot of them when I noticed that the author did not quite have the thread named correctly....
but that never happens to us, does it? :rofl:

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