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What is the purpose of washing a bike before you put it away for the winter?
Could be "stuff" on it that would damage it.

Also, what is the reason to cover it with a breathable sheet?
Claim is, prevents condensation. Questionable as I cover mine w/a water proof cover and have no condensation!

Also, is it that important to raise it up off it's tires?

Also, other than filling tank & putting fuel stabilizer in
One should put the stabilizer in a nearly empty tank, then fill the tank and run it enough to get the mix completely through the system.
& taking the battery out,
Store the battery in a place that will not see freezing temps. Plug it to a battery maintainer(not a charger or a trickle charger) and not on a concrete floor.
what else should a person do? It's going into an unheated garage.
Stuff the air intakes and the mufflers and place an open box of moth balls under the bike.

Please answer ALL questions if u can.

Thank you
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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