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1. What is the purpose of washing a bike before you put it away for the winter?

2. Also, what is the reason to cover it with a breathable sheet?

3. Also, is it that important to raise it up off it's tires?

4. Also, other than filling tank & putting fuel stabilizer in & taking the battery out, what else should a person do? It's going into an unheated garage.

Please answer ALL questions if u can.

Thank you
1. Because lord only knows what's in that grime that made it on to your bike, leaving it on for that long could destroy your paint.

2. because having it covered protects from dust and or scratching while working around it. You want it breathable because otherwise it will trap moisture, which would be worse than dust and scratches.

3. Yes, othewise you'll get flat spots and basically have to replace your tires every riding season.

4. Don't know because I have the benifit of not having to stor my bike over the winter out here :waving:, but it sounds like you have it pretty well covered... maybe mothballs to keep the rodents away?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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