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I have chosen Good Sam Club's membership options ever since 2010 when I decided that I would fly to Tampa, FL and buy my new to me "White Knight", a '98SE who's proud owner was very anal and meticulous in its' care.

that aside, as I was still under doctor's care from my Jan 2008 incident with a Penske Lease 18 wheeler, every one advised me against doing this on my own.

Well, I over-ruled them all and had the greatest time of my life.

But, how to take care of me in case it became necessary?

#1, I chose to buy and subscribe to SPOT gps tracking system, and I also bought their special "anything goes" Rescue Flight insurance. Even if a helicopter is needed, it is provided to me free of extra charges.... I still keep that policy... yeah, it hurts a bit, but what is your life worth to you and your family?


this is the one that nearly all of us have to contemplate.
Which insurance provider will give me the best return for my dollar?

How many miles will they tow me, or my bike, and to where?

The short answer is, only Good Sam offers a No Miles Limit on towing.

Take note, that there is no extra charge for a towed RV, that means that my new Toy Hauler is included...

here is a chart showing difference coverages by different companies.


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