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interstate '84 air shocks vs progressive shocks question!

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hi wingers

I've now removed the oem air shocks
from my interstate 1200 '84.
they were rusty, the gators were brittle.
the shocks didn't leak.

I've bought some perfect ones,
good chrome, no leaks, like new oem.

q) i was thinking about having
the original ones overhauled,
can you do this to the air shocks please?

q2) I've been advised by other wingers
to replace the rear air shocks and
the fork springs and use progressive
springs all around.
is this a better suspension system please?

i'm not rebuilding the bike to
oem, concourse standard.
it would cost me too many $....!
i want to ride the bike and not
have to worry about air loss,
if it fails!

i would like to buy standalone
rear progressive shocks, like Hagon,
or other, for safety.
other riders on here have kindly
commented on the ride refinement.

is this the way to go? :)

many thanks for your advice ya'all!

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Use the like new ones. You may not need, or want anything else.
If they truly are like new, they should work. However, before installing them, I would put some air in them, and see if they hold pressure. Replacing the shocks on a 1200 is a real PITA because the top is behind the whole bracket assembly that holds the trunk and saddlebags. If you have any issues with them, I would go with Progressive shocks. I have 416s and love them. The bike sits up like it is supposed to, rides well, and does not bottom out over bumps with a passenger. Progressive shocks are a stand alone system, and come with the air line, valve, and all the fittings needed to install them, so you won't need to use any old stock parts on the bike, which on mine were all rotted out. Lately I have been hearing about Progressive 412 shocks, don't know what the difference is.
air shocks vs progressive shocks question!

hi riders!

thanks for your replies!

the project bike is all parted
so that i can have the racks
re-chromed. the bike is now
a skeleton and makes working
on it easy!

where i live in the uk, you
can't get many good parts for
your wings. if you see a part
on ebay 'grab it, before others do, is
the motto!'

there are so many types of shocks
on the market and i prefer a
standalone set. on my kz750, i've
installed some s/s hagon shocks.
they will hold an elephant!

q) can the oem shocks be re built?
the reason why i asked is, the parts
are rare here in the uk. they can
be re-chromed, overhauled and reused.
a guy on ebay just sold his unwanted
pair for £50 Brit Pounds. This is
better than trashing them!

thanks for any advice!

Angel ;-)
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Yes the shocks can be rebuilt. And yes you can replace the worn out OEM springs with Progressive Suspension springs. All the parts you need are available from Bike Bandit. Total cost for parts to do the rear shocks and the forks should be about $300 US+shipping.
air shocks vs progressive shocks replies!

hi wingers

many thanks for your useful advice!

bless you all!

Angel :)
I just received my 412 hd coil over gas filled shocks. Once installed Ill post a review. I got the new shocks for $204 total with shipping from denis kirk
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