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I like iridium plugs and will continue to search for them. It is a nice felling to put something in one of you machines and never have to worry about replacing them again. Its for the same reason I use K&N air cleaners on all my machines. It is especally true with my 2020 gw touring dct where one has to practically dissemble so much of the bike to change it out. So now if I can find the iridium plugs and the K&N filter in place I dont have to mess with either, except clean the air filter about every 75000 miles. I have usually cleaned the K&N about every 55000 to 60000 on all my vehicles and they still only had a reduction of airflow by about 20 to 30%, which when compared to a new standard filter, I still had close to twice as much airflow in the K&N.
If one goes to a K&N filter you have to be very careful to not over oil the filter or it will mess up intake manifold sensors and you will have to clean them. Everything I have done this to (iridium plugs and K&N filters) has had more power (horsepower and torque), smoother operation. Been doing this seems like forever with to me fantastic results, at least for myself and a few friends who follows doing the same after seeing it work for me.
Which iridium plugs you are using on DCT ?
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