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It's Here! My 'new' GL1000

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There is a 1975 GL1000 in the garage next to our 1200...

It did indeed get here, delivered almost two weeks ago now. I just got the 1200 off the table last night so now it is the 1000's turn.

This thing seems in amazing shape, but I'm not familiar with this version. I need to pick folks brains as to what should get some attention prior to run-up.

I got belts to put on it, and a replacement rear tire on the way. The Metzler on the back looks like it has about ten miles on it but the date code is three digit.....from what I read they went to four digit codes in the 80's? If this is correct, the tire was born in 1977, just a bit old for my tastes! The front tire is three years old and almost new condition.

All the rubber, hoses, cables, everything seems in great shape and moving/functional. I'll do an oil/filter change and get these belts on, then turn her over and see what it looks like.

Are there any problem areas specific to the 1000 I should look into other than the usual sitting-associated things?

Thanks for your help, this is like being a new Wing-owner all over again!
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None taken:ROFL:
He was referring to MY '78. But I don't know of ANY goldwing that can be whipped handily.
no, not just your 78, 75-77 have far better camshaft profiles and timing.
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