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Z-Series Lower-Section 8-pin Cord 1980-2013 Honda®/J&M® 5-pin systems


This heavy-duty Z-Series 8-pin lower-section hook-up cord
is to be used with all J&M® Elite Series headset #’s HS-
ECD629, HS-ICD629, HS-ECD584, HS-ICD584, HS-
ECD477, HS-ICD477, HS-ECD374, HS-ECD271 and HS-
ECD269 headsets for connection to 1980-2013 Honda®
and J&M® 5-pin audio systems.

This Product Is Compatible With These J&M Product Families:
Elite Headsets
Z-Series Helmet Hookup Cords

I copied this description from J&M's site
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