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Thanks for having a Goldwing site to share and receive good advice

I have a custom bright orange and white 1990 Goldwing with trailer
that I've owned for about 13 years or so. Some refer it as the Tenn Vol
bike or Bronco Bike.

It's been sitting in the garage for some time now and I'm in the process of
getting everything working again. I was told that letting things sit idle too long can
have it's disadvantages, They are right. I'm now in the middle of rebuilding the rear
master cylinder and need some help.

A few months back I found a You Tube video showing how to rebuild the rear master cylinder
without removing it all together. For the life of me,.... It has disappeared.... So, if you recall
this video or are aware of a new one, I would like to try and do this. I have the rebuild kit ready
to go to work.

Thanks for you input and help.


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:welc: Jim. Trust me, don't try to do it on the bike. I know it's a pain to remove but you will probably regret it if you don't.

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Hallo Jim Nichols

Welcome on this nice forum. Wish you al the best.
And good luck with your Wing.
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