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Just bought a GL1100!

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Hi all,

I've just bought a GL1100, and I'm drawing up a list of things "to be fixed".
The scale of these things to be done I have no idea of! Here's where I'm hoping you good folks may be able to assist with an idea of scale/cost/time.

Things that I think need doing:
Brakes(Strip,fluid,EBC HH sinterd pads,Braided lines)
Starter clutch slipping I think (intermittent / temperamental startups, starter not clicking so don't think its battery related)
^^^This one scares me, by the sounds of it it's engine out for this?!??

Things that could do with a look, not urgent:
Headstock Bearings
Clutch Cable

Cosmetic stuff (if the engine has to come out this stuff will get easier!):
Sand all frame components accessible, and paint gloss black.
Seat releathered, Bench Style <-Is this possible?
Engine Degrease, paint with engine paint, silver colour.
Replace front and rear Mudguards with Chrome/Light Fittings from older GL1000 <-Is this possible?

Here's the bike, thanks in advance for any input :)


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Welcome to the forum from Brisbane. Nice looking bike, how many miles on it? Timing belts are your main engine concern apart from the starter clutch. The other items are all the standard bike stuff,tires, brakes, suspension then engine. The woa is much more important than the go!
Its got 35000 showing, no idea how realistic that is :)
Its my daily ride now, so I need to sort those brakes and starter first for sure.

Any idea about the GL1000 chrome mudguards and the bench seat?
Direct swappable or nay?

Cheers for reply!
i agree with ansimp, these are interference engines and if the belts are old/worn or go off time by more than a few teeth, you're looking at a very heavy paper weight. brakes are just as important. these are heavy bikes.
GTS1999, welcome to THE best Goldwing forum. That's a great looking ride and I would love to see a front view of those fog lights! I picked up my 83 Interstate 2 years back from an original owner who ran it briefly every month he didn't ride. Still, here are some things I have been doing to get her up to speed. Seafoam in the gas/ oil also then change out/ flush fluids/starter refresh- you can find a great howto on this here/ check the 3 yellow wires connector just forward of the battery for corrosion/tires/brakes/fork seals. And don't forget to close the fuel petcock every time you shut down so you don't flood the carbs. Hope this helps,have fun and enjoy the ride! JR
Any idea about the GL1000 chrome mudguards and the bench seat?
Direct swappable or nay?

Cheers for reply!

The 1000 fenders are not a direct fit but will work, front is easy, rear a little harder. Seat maybe.


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just a word of caution.
These have a ceiling of value and it's easy to over spend.If you intend to keep then fill your boots.
I have a two line braided system from the front master cylinder and not the split into two type. I would recommend this.

I would avoid sintered metal pads unless you love changing discs.

Last Mileage. You quote 35,000. Thats more like 135,000 but mine is at least 150,000 and that is light for this bike. Many here if looked after go to a good 250,000.

Good luck and look at motobatt agm battery for bike. It's the best money you will spend on this bike.:claps:
Good luck with your Goldwing and welcome aboard the forum. :)
Thanks for the info folks, some good steers there.
Going to see a guy in Blessington (outside Dublin) to let him have a look at it.
Taking your advice, the Must-do-Jobs:
Full service (Oils filters)

And while he's there we'll tidy up the frame.....

I reckon that'll be the limits of my $$ :(

Chrome and Seat will have to wait.

Thanks again folks, I'll report back with an update and some pics once complete.
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Ok, just thought I'd report in on my list from my first post.

(1) Brakes stripped, new fluid and pads. The bike stops now! It's no sports bike but stops fine for my kind of riding.
(2) Had the oil changed too, rocker cover gasket leak sorted too.
(3) Starter clutch slipping I think, it always starts in the end so I can live with this for now
(4) Need to do the belts
(5) Sticking in gear, Ill post up a separate one on that.....

No cosmetics done yet, got to get the machine riding right first.
Sounds like you've got everything covered there to get her in full riding condition, but I will say this. If the pic is any indication, she was well taken care of, that is a sweet looking machine you have there.

One piece of advise to give you, get yourself a couple of 30 amp dogbone fuses and keep them on-board, those things have a habit of going at the most inconvenient times.
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