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I use LastPass to maintain my passwords for my browser.

today, while talking with my son, he stated that Google is extremely left wing biased and not showing me the information that I want.

So, just to appease him for a moment, we were researching the awful effects of governments restricting the LEOs from using firearms w/o first contacting a Supervisor.

So, I changed the default Search Engine over to DuckDuckGo

then a former member called me needing to have his password fixed.

I normally just use my Bookmark to go to the User Manager page.
Uh, ????? LastPass won't work..... it refuses to even show me the links for the passwords on the webpage. :surprise:

WTH? :|

So, thinking that only an hour ago, I had changed the Search Engine, I decided to change it back to Google

LastPass is working again... :laugh:

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I have all my passwords in a ledger and saved to the browser. I use Peppermint9 all the time. I think in the ledger is the password for Last Pass. I saw that news article on Yahoo about the police having to call a supervisor.
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