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Just out riding

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Thought I'd share what a mini Busa Bash looks like...

2 Gold Wings
1 Kawi ZX10
1 Kawi ZX14

Ok, this is just remnants of breakfast..

Up on the Cherry Cola Skyway :)

And a fine Hardee's meal to boot.

Did a mild 400 or so miles today and got to see what she is about today. Twisty's and slabbling all in one trip. The Wiing is quite a bike for sure!
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Nothing better than eating up the miles with your mates:claps:
:claps: I kove riding the " Cherry Cola Skyway" . Heck anyplace near it is a good ride as well .
I rode a ZX-14 for a while. It taught me that it would consider my driver's license expendable. Hahaha! Very powerful and comfy.

Looks like good times had by all!!
Ran up to Gander Mountain in Knoxville with the house commander this morning. Dropped by cycle gear and back home. Another 200 miles on the odo. That's around 600 the last couple of days. She rolls on the miles easy.

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