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Kenda tires + motorcycle jack

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Thought I'd post a working review of two Kenda tires along with a floor jack. I have these same tires on a Kawasaki ZG1000 Concours, a rather heavy bike for a 1000 sport tourer and they have performed flawlessly in dry and rain and only took a normal amount of balance weight. The current 1200 GW Conti-Tour tires are way way over date and the front enters into a parking lot tank slapper I presume due to middle thread wear. There is a definite ledge.

The jack cost $69. I sprayed the rollers and jack screw with chain lube before attempting to lift the bike which it did easily.
Tires ordered through Amazon sold by Chaparral. Ordered on Thursday arrived Saturday!
Kenda 657 130/90/16
Kenda 673 150/90/15
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They sent me a rear instead of a front 130/90/16 馃槧 Guess I'll mount it reverse direction. The sipe angles suggest that will channel water away from the middle and iirc rears are designed for drive torque fronts for braking.
That's the way it's done usually. A rear tire has deeper tread than a front.
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If you have rubber valve stems always replace them with every new tire. Best to just change to metal stems.
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