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While working in a home improvement store in the 70's, we were getting ready getting ready for a white glove inspection. Everything had to be perfect to win the top spot against about 20 other store in our division.
I was 3rd in charge of the Home Improvement Center ( HIC ) so it was my duty to make sure everyone else was doing their job of cleaning and getting thins spotless.

One of my guys came up do me while I was helping a customer and tried to say there was a problem in one of the display toilets in the bathroom area.

I asked if the toilet was broken and he said no but, so I said clean it, he hesitated so I said CLEAN IT!

He waked off with his head down and headed back to the toilets.

My customer looked at me and said "dang I'm glad I don't work for you"

A small child had used the toilet
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