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This season, I'm finding more 'left-overs" than usual - no photos posted here yet (due to the board's gallery still being moved).

All of this stuff is new and in their original retail packaging (except the center stand, as is noted). Most of the packaging is NOT pretty but none are wet or fully destroyed ...

All the bold and underlines here are links to supporting data (items link to a site with descriptions/application data; the pics link to the manufacturer's or better 'stock' image).

I can email or post individual/actual photos as needed -- I'm cleaning out, so any offer is a good offer - I need the space!

Items Specific to the GL1800:
* Kuryakyn-7016 Passenger Cruise Pegs (pic) $150

Luggage Rack Items, GL1500 - GL1800 as noted:
* Kuryakyn-4162 Deluxe Convertable Rack Bag w/ Rain Cover BLACK (pic) $40

ISO Throttle Bosses:
* Kuryakyn-6318 Contoured ISO Throttle Boss in BLACK (pic) $10
* Kuryakyn-6242 Either side Extended ISO Throttle Boss in Chrome (no good pics yet) $10
* Kuryakyn-6309 LEFT (clutch) side Contoured ISO Throttle Boss in Chrome (no good pics yet) $10

Symtec Grip Heaters:
* Symtec-211076 / Tucker p/n:17-9541 Heat Demon Metric Undergrip (7/8"-1" bars) Worth noting that this is NOT the GoldWing kit, can work OK, but is intended to run the Temp-Control wires through the bars. (pic) $80

Center Stand:
* Chromed Center Stand for Gl1500 with spring (OEM stand and spring that have been chromed - not in OEM packing) $50

Shipping is on your dime, with the caveat that I will bend-over backwards to work something special for active duty armed forces.

PM me with offers and other thoughts.
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