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lady winger needs a mirror please! $? :-)

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hi wingers

the project gl1200 1984 interstate
is coming on well.
so many problems, all a logical

when i uploaded the photo of the
barn find, someone noticed the oem
fairing mirrors have been removed
and blanked off. i've now removed
the 'mirrors on stalks' laughing out
loud, boys they're, they were so ugly.
they've now been put onto a small
off roader and suit the bike.

i've managed to find a left hand
fairing mirror: 88120 MG9 771

looking for a right hand fairing
mirror: 88110 MG9 771

does anyone have a right hand
mirror that i could buy from
at a fair price please?
i live in the uk, so i need
to pay for uk shipping!

many thanks wingers!

Angel :)
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Singles and pairs on ebay most weeks some in uk Did you get my Dms last week ?
The 84 mirrors were one year only so quite rare.

I do see one on Evilbay

For what it's worth 85-87 mirrors will work and are more plentiful.
gl1200 mirrors honda oem

hi wingers

thank you for the messages.
i've tried all day to find an oem rh fairing
mirror. i don't want pattern parts.
i've seen on ebay the engo pattern mirrors
and read the failures of these.

so i can use 87 as well.
do you any other parts numbers
for the other years please?
i've now acquired a oem left
hand mirror. i'm looking for a rh oem

q) does anyone have a good spare
that i could buy from you please?

many thanks

angel :)
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The Evilbay one I pointed to did not please you, or is the shipping to much?
goldwing fairing mirrors! :)

dear master yoda (ken)

indeed the mirror did please me.
one pressed the evilbay's buy button
and it's now ones own.
may i grant thee, kind thanks
oh wordly, bright one in
letting lady winger know about
said mirrored part!

how does this critter fit on the wing
please oh guru one?

many thanks

Angel :)
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goldwing gl1200 fairing mirrors question!

hi wingers

i've received the left mirror, from
evilbay uk. £45 brit pounds (new
a big thank you to ken for
the evilbay usa link to low miles
right hand one!

q) do you need special bolts
to fit these oem fairing mirrors

q) how many special bolts
per side?

q) are the oem fairing mirrors
adjustable, like a car's adjustable
mirrors. i just don't know!
the new one i've received today
is solid, no mirror adjustment?

many thanks wingers!


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The mirrors have an internal ball and socket for adjustment which would be hard to move unmounted.

Yes the mirrors require three special screws per side and a anchor plate inside the fairing. Although no longer available the screws could be made with spacers and washers but the anchor also no longer available would be harder to make.

A picture of the fairing mount points for the mirrors would really help.
fitting gl1200 fairing mirror bolts question

hi ken

many thanks for helping
me fit these mirrors!

i've looked into the pockets on
the left & right hand sides.
good news the fixing plates
are waiting for my mirrors.
thank you very much on
finding the rh mirror on evilbay!
very good of you!

i've been advised, like you say
the base m/mount plate fits
inside. then you've have to buy
two specials bolts per side:-

mirror special bolts (from parts book)

88115- ". -770

*** i can't find any of these special
bolts anywhere, i've found two
special bolts with a different end
number. (680, instead of 770)

are these the same bolts?
see the below

query below
This Honda 88114-MG9-680 BOLT, SPECIAL is used on these models and components:

many thanks ken!


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fairing mirror mount bolts photo!

hi ken

please see the attached photos:

many thanks



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The bolt "88114-MG9-680" is for the 85-87 mirrors.
I don't know what the difference is nor do I know if they will work on an 84 mirror but at the price from Honda it's worth a try.

The other bolt "88115-MG9-770" is common to all years but no longer available from Honda.
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